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My name is Yvonne Sinniah and I am the founder of Love Inspired.  This uniquely designed company is my vehicle to instill passion and drive in individuals about their own lives.  The unique approach to Love Inspired’s social networking events encompass my personal take and style of connecting with individuals while meeting a social gap and need that I have identified for a very long time. 


Over the years, I have experienced many social events and have been energized by those that pay attention to the details of bringing like-minded individuals together.  I also personally enjoy bringing individuals together and creating spaces that inspire and bring about profound excitement and joy in people.


The honesty and encouragement shared by personal friends was the impetus to think about spaces that enable people to meet in authentic spaces where they are most themselves. 


Love Inspired is focused on creating inspirational social networking spaces for all to enjoy!!


The feedback to date has been great and professionals that have attended Love Inspired events have encouraged me to continue creating spaces that inpsire, enable connections and ensure fun through it all.   


My intention and focus with Love Inspired is to create a refreshing and vibrant environment for today’s dynamic individuals.   With topics that focus on Life, Relationships, Health and Happiness, there are many lessons and insights that can enable us to achieve our dreams.  I hope to bring some of those to light through Love Inspired’s social networking events.   On a personal note, I have only touched the tip of the iceberg in learning some of life’s larger lessons and continue write articles for magazine outlets to share my own learnings. 


As I am life learner myself, I want to serve others along the way.  This was the main reason for starting Love Inspired.  We are on a journey and so with that, I ask you to join me along this new and exciting path.  Anyone who knows me will say that when I choose to do something I am 100% committed.  Choosing to start Love Inspired wasn’t an after-thought,…it feels like a calling. So even though I don’t have it all figured out…note that my intentions are good and my efforts in every way have a true and pure purpose.


With every engagement, I ask that you stay open to what Love Inspired has to offer. This is truly an exciting movement in our current day and I would love for you to experience the spaces that Love Inspired is creating.




Yvonne Sinniah


PS. If you would like to get to know me more, check out www.yvonnesinniah.com and feel free to follow me on social media




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