Love Inspired hosts inspirational social events for today’s professionals.  Our upscale and entertaining spaces are for attendees to network, connect and have a relaxing time out of their busy work lives.


Love Inspired’s goal is to spark passion and excitement in people’s lives.  Our events feature and range from inspirational speakers and coaches to comedy nights that stimulate discussion and conversation about life, love, wellness and relationships.  Finding the right spaces and environments is also an important factor in our events. We want to ensure that individuals can engage in a comfortable space where meaningful conversations can be had with ease.  Love Inspired values connection, self awareness and having fun.  Keeping this in mind, Love Inspired encourages you to come out to our social networking events planned throughout the year and experience this uniquely designed space for today’s dynamic individuals.


We also encourage you to join Love Inspired’s client database for FREE, so targeted social events can be created to ensure higher possibility of your satisfaction.


Love Inspired also offers personalized social networking events planned to meet your or your company’s specific needs.


More about Love Inspired:


In everything we do, Love Inspired will always ensure three elements are present; connecting individuals, inspiring lives, and simply having a lot of fun throughout the process.


There are creative models and tools utilized by Love Inspired to enable individuals to network and connect.  Many of our clients have indicated that the spaces created would be ideal for singles to meet each other so in response to this need, Love Inspired created discrete bands for singles to wear throughout the event so there is a higher probability of meeting other singles.


Some clients indicated the need to increase business networks and for groups of attendees to come out of their comfort zone and so our Social Mixer components utilize customized tools to increase meeting new individuals for business networking purposes.


Love Inspired is committed to client satisfaction so an element of understanding those who visit our website or attend our events is always built into our business model.  To this end, we request our website visitors to join our client database.


If you would like to learn more about Love Inspired, contact Founder, Yvonne Sinniah at or call Yvonne at (905) 962-0865.


Have a look at some video featuring our events:


Click here for “Delicious Ambiguity” Feature Video



Click here for “Experience Passion” Feature Video


Love Inspired – Experience Passion 2015 from loveinspiredtv on Vimeo.


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